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Agile Performance Management

There are two main camps in the performance management arena. One favours the traditional system because for some employers it has proven to be time-tested and a true evaluation of their workforce. Managers and supervisors have a basic understanding of how it works, and employees have begrudgingly come to accept it as part of their working life. The traditional camp claims that this type of performance review is useful for keeping employees accountable, rewarding those that excel, and tracking performance over time. The other side is happy to point out the many flaws of the current process.

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Clear, Effective Writing
Communication is absolutely essential, and you can use proper workplace writing to make sure everyone understands what is going on, and there are no confusions for people to get caught up in. K

Compressed Work Weeks
Many workers across generations would prefer longer days and shorter workweeks, according to a new survey.

Cannabis Laws Concern Employers
With the passing of Bill C-45 in the Senate, Canada is one step closer to the legalization of cannabis for recreational use. More than half of Canadian organizations are concerned about the implications.


Fed. Gov’t Taking Steps To Protect Workers' Health And Safety

Canadians Invited to Have Their Say On Proposed Regulations Against Harassment and Violence in The Workplace

October is Canada's Healthy Workplace Month



NU: Territory creates new Department of Human Resources

NT: Fed. Gov’t Announces Agreement to Give NWT Workers Tools and Training

BC: Fed. Gov’t Announces Funding Agreement to Give British Columbians the Tools They Need to Find and Keep Good Jobs

AB: Federal/Provincial Funding Agreements to Give Albertans Better Access to Jobs And Training

SK: Public Asked for Input About Impairment in the Workplace Before Cannabis is Legalized

NB: Province Announces Five Days Paid Domestic Violence Leave

NS: Fed/Prov. Agreement Gives Workers Tools to Find and Keep Good Jobs

PE: Feedback Wanted On Changes To Employee Leave

NL: Helping Indigenous People in Labrador Get Vital Job Skills and Work Experience

This Month
Permanently On-Call
What’s a reasonable person to do in the eternal on-call age?

Benefits of Agile Performance Management
Real-time performance reviews mean real-time improvement.
Communicating with Clear, Effective Writing in the Workplace
Unclear communication could be leaving your skills unnoticed.

Income from Second Job Counts as Mitigation, Court Finds
A man’s income from his second job was deducted from damages for being wrongfully dismissed from his first job.
Discipline Upheld for Employee Who Took Months to Perform Task
The employee was ‘lucky to have received only a letter of warning,’ the arbitrator said.
Termination of Benefits After Age 65 in Ontario Deemed Unconstitutional
A Tribunal found that the Ontario Human Rights Code provision allowing termination of benefits after age 65 is unconstitutional.

Prolong the Daily Grind & Shorten the Week?
Men and women of across all generations prefer move away from five eight-hour days.
Study: Workers looking for a new job
New study examines why workers want to leave their jobs.

Shop Talk
Cannabis Legalization Sparking Concerns for Canadian Organizations
Workplace safety is employers’ top concern with legalization, but the solution is not one-size-fits-all.
Canadian Employees Report Workplace Stress as Primary Cause of Mental Health Concerns
New white paper explains the impact of employees' daily experience on mental health.

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