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Workforce Readiness

Over the past couple of decades, literature surrounding workplace readiness has increasingly focused on the importance of bridging the gap between hard and soft skills. Until recently, the predominant belief was that cognitive abilities mattered most. This is no longer considered to be the case. Further research has gone on to suggest that both skill sets play an important role in determining success and that a combination of cognitive and non-cognitive skills is ultimately what produces the best employees. You always want to be on the look for well-rounded individuals, but the relationship between employer and employee should also be reciprocal.

Create Your Best Presentation Yet
In today’s competitive job market, the ability to create a persuasive and compelling presentation is a critical skill that can ultimately make or break your career.

Millennial Women Improving the Workplace
Millennial women are debunking popular misconceptions about their generation of workers, revealing themselves to be highly ambitious in their careers and keen to capitalize on their earning power, according to new research

Financial Stress Impacting Work Performance
The Canadian Payroll Association is raising the alarm for employers, encouraging them to get involved in supporting their employee's financial wellness.


Federal Gov’t Introduces Historic Proactive Pay Equity Legislation

Minister Duclos at VIA Rail to Talk About Good-quality Jobs and Pay Equity

Minister Hajdu Welcomes Introduction of Legislation to Support Good Quality Jobs

Canada's Top 100 Employers: Authentic and Genuine

Most Canadian Employers are Hosting Holiday Parties this Year, and Workers Should Probably Attend

Flexible Working to Contribute $369B USD to Canadian Economy by 2030

Accelerate the Advancement of Women by Closing the Gap Between Commitment and Action

Federal Anti-harassment And Violence Legislation Receives Royal Assent

Survey Shows Blind People Significantly Underemployed Around the World

Slightly Higher Salary Increases Expected For Canadian Workers in 2019

Staying Home Sick? Eight in Ten (82%) Employed Canadians Would go to Work Sick if their Employer Required Sick Notes for Minor Illnesses



BC: Investment in Workplace Technology Helps People With Disabilities

BC: Seniors and Patients to Benefit From Fair Workplace Legislation

AB: Helping Innovative Companies in Alberta Grow and Compete

AB: Helping Innovative Companies in Alberta Grow and Compete

SK: Province to Improve Job Leaves For New Parents, Caregivers And Assault Survivors

SK: Strongest Job Growth in Province in Four Years

ON: Premier Ford Calls on Federal Government to Put Jobs First

NB: Recommendations to Improve Safety at Construction Sites

NB: Amendments Introduced to Workers’ Compensation System

This Month
End of Retirement
Retirement, certainly as we once knew it, is over.

Workforce Readiness: What Are the Most Important Qualities and How to Spot Them
A combination of cognitive and non-cognitive skills is ultimately what produces the best employees.
Tips for Creating Your Most Persuasive Presentation Yet
The ability to create a persuasive and compelling presentation is a critical skill that can ultimately make or break your career.

CEO’s Poor Performance Justified Termination, Court Rules
Not exercising his leadership role was enough grounds to terminate the CEO without notice, the appeal court ruled.
Nurse Not Entitled to Pay for Being Recertified, Arbitrator Finds
Maintaining certification in certain skill sets is a job requirement, not continuing education, the arbitrator found.
Workers’ Compensation Benefits Were Not Terminated Because of Woman’s Age
An injured woman’s job search benefits were ended because they reached the maximum time limit, a tribunal found.

Success, Equality And Drive: How Millennial Women Are Shaping The Workplace For A Better Future
New research finds progress in workplace equity and the impact millennial women are making on corporate Canada.
30% of Canadian Women Fear Job Loss to Automation in the Next Decade
Survey of Canadian women finds female workers in IT, manufacturing and retail feel most vulnerable despite propensity for innovation.

Shop Talk
Arthritis Takes Toll on Workplace Productivity
Arthritis places significant economic strain on the paid and unpaid workforce in the form of excess productivity cost.
Survey: Financial Stress Impacting Work Performance
Employers in unique position to support employee financial wellness

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